OS/2 2.11

OS/2 2.11
Version of OS/2
OS2 2.0.svg
Preliminary name
ArchitectureIntel 386 (PC/AT, PC-98)
Latest build
Release date1994-02
1994-07 (SMP 2.11)
Support end
OS/2 2.1
Replaced by
OS/2 Warp 3

OS/2 2.11 is a version of OS/2 released in February 1994, which was also released as a "ServicePak XR06200" update for OS/2 2.1. It is the first version of OS/2 to introduce symmetrical multiprocessing, although this was only available in a separate release called "OS/2 SMP".

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RTM[edit | edit source]

SMP Beta[edit | edit source]

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