Microsoft Plus! 95 build 206

Microsoft Plus! 95 build 206 is a build of Microsoft Plus! 95. It increases the minimum required build of Windows 95 to build 490 and includes Internet Explorer 1 build 206.

System requirements[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Plus! requires a 486 or higher processor, 8MB of memory, and a display that's capable of displaying at least 256 colors. A high-color(16-bit) display and sound card are recommended.

Bugs, quirks and observations[edit | edit source]

  • The globe corner loading animation in the updated Internet Explorer 1 build 206 is now in true color rather than in 16 colors.
  • A new boot screen is used, which resembles the RTM boot screen but with "Microsoft Plus!" added onto it.
  • cool.dll now includes a few high color icons. Albeit already included in high color, Network neighborhood and Recycle bin still default to their 16 color versions if not changed manually.
  • A help file shortcut is placed on the desktop. This is not the case in build 112 nor 210.
  • Microsoft Network is updated to version 1.05.
  • Applying the Windows Default Settings theme in Themes has no effect in this build.
  • Users receive a "Could not save file" error when saving a theme due to an issue with long file name support. The theme will have been saved, but with the incorrect file extension. To use the custom theme, one has to rename the extension from .THE to .THEME and restart the theme switcher.
  • Sports, Mystery, and Inside your Computer themes do not include screen savers yet.
  • Applying a theme is, at least in combination with Windows 95 build 499, broken. Theme colors are not applied.

Gallery[edit | edit source]