Internet Explorer 1.0 build 206

Build of Internet Explorer 1.0

Internet Explorer 1.0 build 206 is a pre-release build of Internet Explorer 1.0 which was bundled with Microsoft Plus! 95 build 206.

Bugs, quirks and observations[edit | edit source]

  • The corner loading animation is now a true color roating globe, instead of using only 16 colors in prior builds.
  • File downloads now have a long file name support, there is no more 8.3 trimming being done.
  • The network setup assistant warns the user that Windows file sharing is enabled for the same LAN connection which will also be used by Internet Explorer and it might put the computer's data at risk, since other Internet users might gain access to its files.
  • The start page seen in earlier builds has been removed and was replaced by
  • The version number jumped from 84 to 206 to correspond with the version number of Microsoft Plus! which included Internet Explorer in its Internet Jumpstart Kit.

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