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Mac OS X Cheetah build 4K78 is the RTM build of Mac OS X Cheetah 10.0. It was released on 24 March 2001 at the initial price of $129 in the US.

Differences from the Public Beta[edit | edit source]

The final release of Cheetah contains many improvements over the previous Public Beta release that was also placed onto retail markets prior to the release of Cheetah:

  • This build includes a new Disk Utility during setup, which can partition a drive prior to beginning setup. As a result, it is now possible to install on a new drive without having to partition and format the drive prior to installation.
  • The Setup Assistant has been replaced with an OOBE. This OOBE however keeps many steps from the Setup Assistant, but also introduces a new step that requires filling out registration information to Apple.
  • The Apple logo that was in the center of the menu bar in Developer Preview 3 to the Public Beta has been moved to the previous spot used in previous Mac OS versions. This movement replaces the "Special" section that was also present in older Mac OS versions.
  • The Finder icon on "About This Mac" has been replaced with the X logo.
  • The date and time has been added back onto the menu bar, which was also absent in DP3 to Public Beta.
  • By default, the hard drive has been added to the desktop. While the Public Beta could also add hard drives to the desktop, they were not included by default.
  • The purple background scheme from Mac OS 9 that was used in the Public Beta has been changed to blue.

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