MS-DOS 1.26

MS-DOS 1.26
Version of MS-DOS
Release date1982-03
MS-DOS 1.25
Replaced by
MS-DOS 1.27

According to MS-DOS 2.11 source code, MS-DOS 1.26 is an unreleased internal version of MS-DOS.

Change log[edit | edit source]

1.26 03/03/82 Directory buffers searched as a circular queue, current buffer
              is searched first when possible to minimize I/O
     03/03/82 STORE routine optimized to tack on partial sector tail as
              full sector write when file is growing
     03/09/82 Multiple I/O buffers
     03/29/82 Two bugs:  Delete all case resets search to start at beginning
              of directory (infinite loop possible otherwise), DSKRESET
              must invalidate all buffers (disk and directory).