Linux Mint 2.0

Linux Mint 2.0
Version of Linux Mint
Architectureamd64, i386
Kernel version2.6
Latest build
Release date2006-11-13
Support end2008-04
User interfaceGNOME
Package manager
Linux Mint 1.0
Replaced by
Linux Mint 2.1

Linux Mint 2.0 (codenamed Barbara) is a version of Linux Mint, released on 13 November 2006. It uses Ubuntu instead Kubuntu as the codebase, making it the first version to use GNOME by default until Linux Mint 13. KDE3, however, won't be available until Linux Mint 2.2's KDE CE edition. It shipped with Linux kernel 2.6.17 and GNOME 2.16.

While there are still references to Ubuntu in places such as boot manager, boot screen, and login screen, the color scheme is blue instead of the original orange color used in Ubuntu 6.10.

This release adopts a new "point release" system, however it would only be used in this version and the next version. It would return again in Linux Mint 17.

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