DeveloperJim Hall & The FreeDOS team
Source modelOpen source
Initial releaseFreeDOS Alpha 1
(12 January 1998)
Latest releaseFreeDOS 1.3
(20 February 2022)
Supported platformsx86
Kernel typeMonolithic
LicenseGNU GPLv3

FreeDOS is an open source operating system aiming to create an MS-DOS compatible environment. FreeDOS was originally created on 29 May 1994, as PD-DOS. After two months, it changed its name to Free-DOS, then the hyphen was removed in January 1996. It has been in active development since it was created. Major computer manufacturers, such as Dell and HP, have sold computers with FreeDOS on them. With the introduction of FreeDOS 1.3 RC2, live CD/live booting has been implemented.

Windows 95 or above will not run on FreeDOS without special commands, and 3.1 or below will only run in standard mode.

Version list[edit | edit source]

FreeDOS 1.0[edit | edit source]

FreeDOS 1.1[edit | edit source]

FreeDOS 1.2[edit | edit source]

FreeDOS 1.3[edit | edit source]

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