86-DOS 1.10

86-DOS 1.10
Version of 86-DOS
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Release date1981-07
86-DOS 1.01
Replaced by
86-DOS 1.11

86-DOS 1.10 is a release of 86-DOS by Seattle Computer Products. On 27 July 1981, Microsoft purchased this version and renamed it to MS-DOS.[1]

This version of 86-DOS is the first known version to support Microsoft's EXE executable format. The DOS kernel is now stored as a file (86DOS.SYS) because it can no longer fit in the reserved sectors. Some floppy formats such as the 5" 87.5KB NorthStar format can still hold the DOS kernel in its reserved area due to the large sector size, but the DOS BIOS must be modified for it to boot. This version of 86-DOS introduced the commands DATE and TIME, and as a result 3 new BIOS API functions (SETDATE, SETTIME and GETTIME). The Command Interpreter now prompts for date and time upon launching (can be skipped). Although time can be stored and changed, it cannot not be recorded in timestamps. This is also the first version of 86-DOS to support file attributes (to hide 86DOS.SYS from users) and the NUL device.

IBM PC-DOS 1.00 is the IBM compile of this version of 86-DOS. Currently there is no evidence suggesting that SCP publicly released this version of 86-DOS.

Change log[edit | edit source]

1.10 07/21/81 Fatal error trapping, NUL device, hidden files, date & time,
              RENAME fix, general cleanup

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