Windows XP build 2600.1097

Build of Windows XP
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number2600
Build revision1097
Build labxpsp1
Compiled on2002-08-13
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Windows XP build 2600.1097 is an unleaked build of Windows XP which was released on by Microsoft on 17 August 2002. also used to have downloads for this build, but the website is since offline. [1] Several screenshots of this build were also published onto German technology news website,[2][3] although the article documenting the build itself appears to have not been archived.

Release information (Microsoft)[4][edit | edit source]

This build is NOT RC1, though as we approach RC1 we would like to use this build as a checkpoint to ensure that no new, major issues have been introduced.

Before you install: You should uninstall the previous service pack to return your system to Windows XP RTM then apply the new version. If you installed the slipstream version previously you will not be able to apply this update to your system. If you wish to test this build you will need to install retail Windows XP and apply the 1097 update.

Applying the standalone version of the service pack to an existing Windows XP machine does not require a new product key.

Release information (leak)[5][6][edit | edit source]

Yes it is true indeed a new Build has been leaked of Windows XP Sp1 build 1097 (last i checked i only though 1094 was the newest internal build form Microsoft but new reports say that 1098 was the build today. Anyways, 1097 Has indeed leaked, if you have links please feel free to post them . It is unclear where the leak came from. It is said that Bink was the first to report it... Anywho look for links to be posted soon!

The guys over at #betas and #winbeta are both serving the file already also, so if you want you may search there...

Also the guys in winbeta are reporting that the only new fix is the SSL Security fix that was not scheduled to ship with SP1. Also they are reporting that SP1 final could be ready with in 10 days!

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