Windows XP build 2600.1060

Build of Windows XP
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number2600
Build revision1060
Build labxpsp1
Compiled on2002-06-18
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Windows XP build 2600.1060 is an unleaked SP1 build of Windows XP. Several screenshots of this build have been shown[1][2]. Czech technology news website Zive had posted an image of this build.[3] Many sources used to hold this build, but most of them have been long shut down.

Release information[4][edit | edit source]

Thanks to a comment poster from the previous article, we have finally managed to get our hands on a link to the new Windows XP SP1, build 1060. As reported earier, this build DOES make your desktop say "For testing purposes only" in the bottom right corner. See the previous article for a screenshot of this build. The file is 120 MB in size, so good luck getting it to all 56k users. You will need WinRAR 3.0 to extract the setup file when your download is complete. The server is jammed right now so be patient while downloading. Read more for more info and download links.
UPDATE:Added more servers

Several sites seem to have got their hands on the latest non-public beta of the WindowsXP service pack, version 1060, and are now offering the 120 meg file for download. While I am sceptical that this version even exists or if it was suppose to be available to the public I will provide download links for you guys both here.

This version is probably more of a beta than the last beta we reported, as it wasn't even released to the testers, it also adds a nice "For Evaluation Purposes Only" to your desktop - for no extra costs, I cannot stress enough how you should not download this unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing.

There also seems to be a major stress that this new version of the service pack contains the alexa spyware.... I don't believe that this is anything to panic about, as it can be easily removed with Ad-Aware and has been present since Internet Explorer 5 anyway, alot of sites seem to be trying to get the public worried about this, but dont.

Download: Windows XP SP1 Beta Build 1060 120MB
Download: Windows XP SP1 Beta Build 1060 120 MB
Download: Windows XP SP1 Beta Build 1060 from FTP Server (please use an FTP client):
IP Address:
Username: xp
Password: xp

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