Windows XP build 2600.1050

Build of Windows XP
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number2600
Build revision1050
Build labxpsp1
Compiled on2002-05-29
Home Edition
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Windows XP build 2600.1050 is the earliest available Service Pack 1 beta build of Windows XP, released on 5 June 2002[1].

Release information[2][edit | edit source]

We are pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 1 Beta for testing.

Special note to .NET Server testers: As a member of the Microsoft .NET Server beta program we are inviting you to participate in the beta for Windows XP Service Pack 1. All members of the .NET Server beta program will have download access to SP1. We have no plans at this time to produce and distribute SP1 beta media to this audience. The download access is an additional benefit of participating in the .NET Server beta.

In addition to the testing we ask of all SP1 beta sites (application compatibility, device compatibility, etc) we`d like to ask you to also test the SP1 beta against your .NET Server installations if you have the ablility.

Available versions:
- Standalone - This is the `traditional` service pack. It`s an approximately 120Mb self extracting executable file that includes all the files needed to install the service pack on an existing Windows XP build 2600 machine. If the machine you want to install the service pack on is not connected to the internet or you want to install the service pack on multiple machines at your location then this is the file you will want to download.
- Patch aka `Express`- This is a faster install that will apply the service pack to a single machine that is connected to the Internet. If you have a single machine that is connected to the Internet and want to test the service pack on it this may be the best option for you.
- Integrated aka `Slipstream` - this is a full version of Windows XP that has all the service pack changes integrated already. It installs the same as a full install or upgrade of Windows XP would and comes in both Professional and Home Edition. This version is not available to all sites as it`s primarily an OEM item.

Applying the standalone or patch version of the service pack to an existing Windows XP machine does not require a new product key.

Installing the Integrated service pack as a clean install requires an SP1 product key. You must retrieve one for use with the beta from the above address.

Upgrading an existing, Activated Windows XP machine using the integrated version of the service pack DOES NOT require a new product key. You should use the same product key the machine was originally activated with if needed.

Upgrading an existing, Unactivated Windows XP machine using the integrated version of the service pack DOES require a new product key. You should retrieve one from the above address.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

Control Panel[edit | edit source]

A new "Set Program Access and Defaults" applet was added, which enables the ability to change the default web browser, e-mail program, media player, instant messaging program and the default Java virtual machine.

winver.exe[edit | edit source]

winver now uses the Microsoft Sans Serif font instead of Tahoma. The content itself is now also centered, rather than aligned to the right.

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