Windows XP Media Center Edition build 2700.2180

Build of Windows XP Media Center Edition
Compiled on2004-08-10
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Windows XP Media Center Edition build 2700.2180 is the official RTM build of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

New features and changes from Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004[edit | edit source]

  • Windows Media Center was visually updated, including the switch from Trebuchet MS to Segoe UI as the default font. It is the first version of Windows to incorporate the Segoe font family. It also adds support for HDTV.
  • Windows Media Player has been updated to version 10.
  • Several themes and utilities from Microsoft Plus! XP were included, such as the Plus! Dancers and the Plus! Personal DJ.
  • A new visual style was added, called Royale. It was later made available for download for other editions of Windows XP. An updated version of Bliss, called Energy Bliss is also included.
  • Joining a domain is no longer possible, though it is based on Windows XP Professional. Microsoft states that this is because Windows Media Center Extenders no longer work as they required the Welcome screen and fast user switching to be enabled.
  • The Media Center Edition branded boot screen was replaced by the generic Windows XP one.

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