Windows Vista build 5087

Build of Windows Vista
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.0
Build number5087
Build labvbl_ux_partners_ie
Compiled on2005-06-16

Windows Vista build 5087 is an unleaked pre-Beta 1 build of Windows Vista. This build was shown and demonstrated in the Gnomedex 2005 conference, showcasing the new Internet Explorer 7 beta and particularly the RSS feed support (hence the buildtag). This build also features a screensaver that is able to update dynamically with photos and info over the internet. A channel9 video, Longhorn "Heart" RSS, features this build, but due to the low quality the buildtag cannot be seen. The only evidence that proves that the build is 5087 and this build would be shown on the Gnomedex conference the next day.

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