Windows TC 1.00 (Tulip OEM)

TC 1.00
Build of Windows 1.0
TC 1.00
OS family
Architecturex86 16-bit
Works in

Windows TC 1.00 is an OEM version of Windows 1.01 released by Tulip Computers in early 1986. It was originally available as a two disk update for their previous release, version 1.xx/1.xy, which would be applied over its installation disks. The release currently on BetaArchive is version 1.xx with the TC 1.00 update applied. This is the only known legitimate release of Windows 1.0 that has the version number "1.00".

This version's Write throws an "Unable To Print" error when you start it for the first time, as its WIN.INI is configured to use an Epson FX-80 printer by default.

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