Windows Me build 2499

Build of Windows Me
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Timebomb2000-08-15 (+133 days)
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Windows Me build 2499 is the official Beta 3 release of Windows Me, which is available in the English, German, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean languages.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Once uninstalled, Windows Movie Maker cannot be reinstalled due to setup asking files for the older Windows Media Pad, such as mediapad.exe or mediapad.chm, which already have been renamed.

Neptune reference[edit | edit source]

A file name ICMUI.DLL, with the version number 5.50.5117.1 was found in this Windows Me build, but it is unknown whether this Neptune build was ever compiled.

Some speculate this would've been a Milestone 2 build. It would've been compiled someday after 11 December 1999, meaning it would be one of the last Neptune builds before the Neptune project was canceled in January 2000.

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