Windows Longhorn build 3670

Build of Windows Longhorn
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.0
Build number3670
Build labLab06_N
Compiled on2002-08-19

Windows Longhorn build 3670 is an unconfirmed build of Windows Longhorn. A set of screenshots was uploaded by Air101 on 9 September 2004, which he mostly got from WinBETA members Arn and Khjuo.[1]

This build does not contain much apparent differences compared to build 3663, apart from the build referring to itself as "Microsoft Windows XP Standard Server Version 2003" in the System Properties applet. It remains unleaked as of 2024.

It is unknown if this build has the Plex theme due to the theme being set to the default Luna in the screenshots.

Changes[edit | edit source]

The "Up" button was removed from Windows Explorer.

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Air101 screenshots[edit | edit source]

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