Windows 98 build 2000

Build of Windows 98
OS familyWindows 9x
Version number4.10
Build number2000
About dialog

Windows 98 build 2000 is the Service Pack 1 of Windows 98, released in June 1999 for the original release of Windows 98 (commonly referred to as "First Edition"). This Service Pack only includes various hotfixes and security updates released by that point for Windows 98, most notably Y2K updates.

It should not be confused with various pre-release builds also branded as "Service Pack 1", which were actually Second Edition builds in the form of an update package for First Edition. Those builds also included feature and application updates not included in the final Service Pack 1, though many of these updates were later made available to First Edition users separately.

After installing the service pack, this build still refers itself as 4.10.1998, but some files of the Service Pack installer report 4.10.2000. In addition, the copyright date in "About Program" has been updated from 1981–1997 to 1981–1998.

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