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Windows 98 build 1410 is a Beta 1 build of Windows 98 that was found and shared on BetaArchive on 28 January 2019.[1]

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • In Display Properties, there is now an option to revert back to the traditional Windows 95 shell, omitting the enhancements offered by the Windows Desktop Update.
  • The "Enable Sound" checkbox in setup from the previous build has been removed. Also, the setup background has been changed to a blue color under 4-Bit color depth (16 colors) and to a background featuring a sky with clouds under 8-Bit or higher color depth (256 colors or higher) and the sounds for turning pages have been changed.
  • "Startup Disk" in Setup is now named "Emergency Startup Disk".
  • The preview pane of Explorer now shows properly the used disk space of a drive and the graphic to display disk space usage is no longer a placeholder.
  • The Start menu banner has been changed again. In this build, it reads "Memphis Beta 1" with "Memphis" in light-grey and "Beta 1" in white.
  • The logoff option was moved from the "Shut Down..." prompt to a separate option in the Start menu. The icon however, is different compared to later builds. Contrary to this, the "Suspend" option was moved vice versa, with the option in the prompt being named "Make your computer go to sleep?".
  • Internet Explorer 4 is now labeled as "Platform Preview" instead of "Beta 1". Additionally, the copyright date has been updated from 1995-96 to 1995-97.
  • Outlook Express 4 replaces Internet Mail and News 1.0 as the included mail and news client.
  • New "Settings Wizards" have been introduced and can be run from the Start menu in Settings.

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