Windows 8 build 8888 (win8_gdr_soc_nv)

Build of Windows 8
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.2
Build number8888
Build revision16384
Build labwin8_gdr_soc_nv
Compiled on2012-07-24
Expiration date
Timebomb2013-01-15 (+175 days)
RT (CoreARM)
About dialog
Win8 8888Arm Winver.png

Windows 8 build 8888 (win8_gdr_soc_nv) is an RTM candidate build of Windows 8. It was compiled less than one day before the RTM build, and was rejected in favor of 9200 due to the build number not being divisible by 16, a requirement that was only removed with the Windows 10 November Update.

It is only available under the ARM32 architecture. As with build 8422, this build can be made to boot assuming that the appropriate drivers are properly integrated into the WIM, including the HAL extensions.

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