Windows 8 build 8514

Build of Windows 8
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.2
Build number8514
Build revision0
Build labwin8_rtm
Compiled on2012-07-11

Windows 8 build 8514 is an unleaked build of Windows 8. Its buildstring is referenced in the Camera application and in the provided WinJS libraries for the RTM build.

The Sensor and Audiovisual Debugging Kit for this build was found in the provided disk dump for Windows 8.1 build 9354 (winmain).

File references[edit | edit source]

base.js[edit | edit source]

  © Microsoft. All rights reserved.

  This library is supported for use in Windows Store apps only.

  Build: 1.0.8514.0.win8_rtm.120711-1900
  Version: Microsoft.WinJS.1.0

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