Windows 8.1 build 9478

Build of Windows 8.1
OS family
Timebomb2014-01-15 (+164 days)
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Windows 8.1 build 9478 is an unleaked build of Windows 8.1. It is known that this build exists in the ARM32 architecture. Five screenshots of it were found on the Chinese website BetaWorld. American English version of this build was supposedly uploaded to the Chinese website BetaWorld on 26 October 2019. The Spanish and French versions of this build was supposedly uploaded to the aforementioned website on 27 October 2019,[1] but at the moment this cannot be confirmed or refuted as it is not publicly available. The Russian website PC Portal has also shown a screenshot with the build tag of this build.[2][3][4] This build is confirmed by a WinJS 2.0 string which originates from the Windows Store infrastructure.

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