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Windows 3.1 build 101 is the official Release Candidate 1 build of Windows 3.1. This build is mentioned in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992,[1] and is also often referred to as RC1 in other documents. A set of disks 2, 6, bug report disk, and test app disks of this build was found on eBay in September 2018 and bought by user AirportsFan. Files from these disks confirm that build 101 is indeed the first release candidate of Windows 3.1. Using the disks from the RTM, this build can be installed.

According to the internal document, several third-party applications were tested on this build. It was released to testers on 14 February 1992.

File version[edit | edit source]

The file OLECLI.DLL from Windows for Workgroups 3.11.300 has version number (RC1), which hinted that RC1 of Windows 3.1 was build 101 before this was confirmed by the partial leak.

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