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Windows 3.1 build 014 is the earliest known build of Windows 3.1. Its performance is compared to PC/GEOS in an internal Microsoft e-mail from January 1991.[1]

Both operating systems were tested on the following machines:

- Compaq 386/20 (4 MB of RAM)
- IBM 55sx 16 Mhz (2 MB of RAM)
- IBM 286AT 8 Mhz (1 MB of RAM)

The printer used on both OSes was HP LaserJet II-512K. Various tests were performed, including system and application startup time, printing time, etc. Overall, PC/GEOS performed better in most tests, except system boot time, printing time and some specific applications' load times.

In response to the results, it was decided to rewrite Windows applications to load all necessary resources at load time and only load the printer driver once printing is requested. The e-mail also suggests this build either has broken TrueType font support or none at all. There is also a blocking bug in this build that prevented running tests on the IBM 55SX test machine in 386 Enhanced mode.

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