Windows 2000 build 1814.1

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Windows 2000
Architecture x86
SKUs Server
BIOS date 1998-06-06
Timebomb 1999-02-01 (+240 days)
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Windows 2000 build 1814.1 was found by ReflectiaX from BetaArchive on 2016-03-08.[1] On 2018-12-03, this build was uploaded to the BetaArchive FTP by the same user.

This build is currently the only leaked Server build in the Interim Developer's Release branch. It uses the new Internet Explorer shell interface in Windows Explorer, resembling Windows 98's shell, however some parts of the shell are not implemented. Despite being a Server build, the boot screen during setup and the safe to shutdown screen still says Workstation.



At one point of setup, an error is shown that it is unable to copy a file, the default answer is either the root directory of the CD-ROM drive or D:\I386\I386\ and has to be pointed to the I386 directory to copy these files.

Welcome to Windows[edit]

In some cases, this application can cause a login hang, if the system hangs while logging in, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and then log out.


Operating System[edit]