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Windows 2000 build 1802 is an unleaked build of Windows 2000, which is referenced in Windows XP's source code in \NT\base\fs\sis\spec\msmanners.doc.

msmanners.doc[edit | edit source]

Performance measurements were made using the SIS Groveler, described in Section 2, as the background process. Our test machine is a Pentium® II 266-MHz personal computer with 64 MB of RAM, a PCI bus, and an Adaptec® 2940UW SCSI controller connected to a Seagate® ST34371W disk drive and a Plextor® PX-12TS CD-ROM drive.  The operating system is an interim developers release (build 1802) of Windows® NT 5.0, since this is the only OS on which the SIS Groveler runs.