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Windows 2000 build 1743 is a beta 1 build of Windows 2000, which was found on 9 September 2011.[1]

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • The safe to shutdown dialog box, used in previous NT builds since Windows NT 3.1 build 297, has been replaced with a temporary text-only safe to shutdown screen, presumably in preparation for the newer boot and safe to shutdown screens seen in build 1796 and up.
  • This build no longer requires the user to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log into Windows. This only affects the Workstation SKU, as the requirement is still available today in the Server SKU.
  • The new Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet received a new appearance and the "Scanners and Cameras" one received another new icon.
  • There is a new option in the list of installed programs, called "Windows NT Optional Components". Selecting "Modify" in the new or "Add/Remove" in the legacy Add/Remove Programs applet will lead to a wizard with the option to add or remove optional components for Windows NT, similar to when selecting "Add/Remove Windows Components" in the final applet. Currently, only "Networking Options" are available, with more options being added in upcoming builds.

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Installation[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommended to set the CPU type as “486” to prevent crashes.
  • Turn off ACPI and Sound Blaster, or Setup will hang.
    • However, the GUI setup will also hang on first boot at Networking page, so you must reboot and boot into GUI setup again.
  • Installing this build in hypervisors will result in a quick crash on startup due to incompatibility with the floppy disk controller file, FDC.SYS. Either delete or rename it, which will disable access to floppy disk drives, or replace it with a later build's FDC.SYS (except build 1796) after text-mode setup by using a DOS/Windows 9x boot disk.

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