Windows 1.0 Preliminary Version 0.50

Preliminary Version 0.50
Build of Windows 1.0
Preliminary Version 0.50
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Architecturex86 16-bit
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Windows 1.0 Preliminary Version 0.50 is a pre-release build of Windows 1.0. Lucas Brooks found the logo file for this build on disk 3 of Premiere Edition on 19 June 2020.[1] With some help from jb881122, the file WIN256.COM (similar to WIN.CNF in later builds) was recovered, as well as part of a fragmented WIN100.EXE, which includes the complete (although fragmented) MSDOS.EXE and MSDOSD.EXE.

This build may have been made around early June 1985, based on MSDOS.EXE's features and strings, other files found alongside it (including an earlier version of the Calendar program found on Premiere Edition and later), and directory entries found on Premiere Edition disks.[2]

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  1. These screenshots were made with files from this build running under Premiere Edition and are guaranteed to look identical to real screenshots of this build.

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