Windows 1.0 BYTE demo

Window Manager Demonstration 0.01
Build of Windows 1.0
Release nameWindow Manager Demonstration
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number0.01
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1983-09-12

The Windows 1.0 BYTE demo is an early demonstration of Microsoft Windows that was shown in the December 1983 issue of BYTE magazine.[1][2] The demo itself was produced in September 1983 and was likely shown to members of the press shortly after its compilation. A photograph of a floppy disk containing the demonstration was posted to Twitter by ReflectiaX on 9 March 2022, although he later revealed that the original disk had been demagnetized to the point where data recovery is not possible. Other copies of the disk are supposed to be in circulation.[3][4] The disk label calls it "Microsoft Window Manager Demonstration Version 0.01".

The interface is very similar to Microsoft's DOS applications such as Word and Multiplan, which were also released or in development at the time, featuring a command bar at the bottom of the screen and overlapping windows (the latter of which was replaced by tiling windows). It remains unclear whether the build and applications demonstrated were actually fully functional or just cleverly crafted to create an illusion of a working system.

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