Welcome to the Windows side of me.

I usually correct grammatical mistakes from other contributors and revert all kinds of vandalism, though I might also make my own mistakes.

If you want me to leave BetaWiki, just don't. The admins will force you to leave if you ever tried to do it.

About me

You can contact me via Discord (@ni1694; DMs are open, btw) if you wanted to.

  • I use he/him pronouns in my preferences.
  • I live in Indonesia.
  • I am a registered Windows Insider since 28 September 2020.
  • I have a copy of the Windows Server 2003 source code. I was able to build a working version of Windows from it.
Windows logo (2012).svg This user contributes using Windows 10.
Android logo 2019.svg This user contributes using Android 10!

What do I have?

  • Acer Aspire 3 A314-41
  • 4 Google Drive accounts + 1 MEGA account
  • QEMU/KVM and VirtualBox
  • Slowest VPN ever (to access the dark web)