Hello, I am ClassicMacOSGuy1067. I contribute mostly to Macintosh pages, with a few Windows pages if need be. Any questions or notes, go straight to my Discussion page. No personal questions allowed!!! I use he/him as my pronouns, in case you are worried of misgendering me. Also, I am the reason why I shared out 60+ Macintosh System Software pre-releases on my site. The majority of those builds came from Apple ADC CD's from Macintosh Garden.

My other platforms[edit | edit source]

Internet Archive: mynamejeff999

Macintosh Garden: macosclassiclover99999

Discord: cooldudeguy (I go there occasionally only for leaks, so don't get mad at me for this!)

BetaArchive: theh3podcastfan (I have FTP access, so don't ask me for anything cuz I'm not a proxy, lol!)

Builds I shared:[edit | edit source]