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I'm Callum90ish. I want to make this wiki the most comprehensive ever, because who doesn't need info on beta OS builds?!? My hobbies include:

  • App development for Windows
  • Being awesome
  • Hanging out on Windows forums
  • Contributing to OS-related wiki's
  • Milking Gabe Aul for information on new builds

Wiki Improvement

I really want to improve this awesome wiki. I'm currently working on that, with the help of Tau Ceti and Recycle.bin. Here's the current work areas as they stand:

  • Recycle.bin - Windows 9x "Chicago", "Memphis" & "Millenium"
  • Tau Ceti - Windows XP "Whistler"
  • Me - Windows NT6.x/10.x - "Longhorn", "7", "8", "Blue", "Threshold", "Redstone"

Since Windows 7/8/10 builds are kinda hard to find, and I'm only one man, I would appreciate any help I can get. I like to make obsessive edits and improvements to page, so even if you have a build on hand you can write an article for, please provide me with a download link so I can improve on your work. Collaboration is the life blood of any wiki! :-)

Builds I Have

Windows Vista Builds

  • 5112
  • 5381
  • 6000 (RTM)

Windows 7 Builds

  • 6801
  • 7000
  • 7600 (RTM)

Windows 8 Builds

  • 8102
  • 9200 (RTM)

Windows 8.1 Builds

  • 9600 (RTM)

Windows 10 Builds

TH1 Technical Preview Builds


TH1 Insider Preview Builds=


If you need any help, I'd be happy to give you a hand.