Distribution of Linux
Architecturex86_64, arm64, mips64el
Release type
Initial version
Latest versionUOS 20
Initial release18 November 2019
User interfaceDeepin DE
Package manager
Professional, Community, Personal, Home
Based on

UnionTech OS (UOS, also known as Unity Operating System) is a Chinese Linux distribution based on Deepin, which is specially designed for commercial use.

SKUs[edit | edit source]

As of 2022, UOS comes from four branches: UOS Personal, UOS Professional, UOS community, which is known as Deepin, and UOS Home, which is under public test.

UOS Professional is only provided for customized purpose, such as Chinese governments and enterprises. UOS Personal is free of charge, and it will be automatically activated once connected to Internet. UOS Community is another name of Deepin.

Unlike other Linux distributions, some editions of UOS has an activation, similar to Windows.

Running on a phone[edit | edit source]

UOS running on a phone

In October 2020, a Chinese user successfully flashed UOS on a Xiaomi Mi 6 phone, with all functions working perfectly.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date
UOS 20.0 28 August 2020[1]
UOS 21.0 TBA

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