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Build of Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Word - Aero

Microsoft Office 2010 build 4006 is the official Technical Preview build of Microsoft Office 2010. This build was originally leaked by on 15 May 2009, before being released by Microsoft on 14 July 2009.[1][2]

Changes from Office 2007[edit | edit source]

Many of the features and changes in this build can also be seen in the leaked screenshots of build 3524.

  • New animated splash screens when launching applications.
  • A redesigned UI, featuring a brighter color scheme and cleaner Ribbon elements.
  • The Ribbon has been added to Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and InfoPath.
  • Aero transparency extends down to the Ribbon tabs.
  • The Office button is now a tab on the Ribbon.
  • The backstage view, which replaces the Office menu.
  • A button has been added to collapse the ribbon.
  • Ribbon elements can now be customized.
  • The default Ribbon layout has updated in Access.
  • A dedicated slide transitions tab has been added to PowerPoint.
  • New WordArt options have been added.
  • Paste options have been redesigned.
  • A new background removal tool for images has been added.
  • The screen clipping tool from OneNote has been added to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Enhancements have been to the translate feature.
  • Option to live broadcast slideshows in PowerPoint.
  • The document map and thumbnail sidebars have been combined into a new navigation pane in Word.
  • Groove has been renamed to SharePoint Workspace. However, it still identifies itself as it's former name.
  • InfoPath has been split into two separate applications: InfoPath Designer and InfoPath Editor.
  • The Office Synchronization Center has been added, which allows users to share files online. This would later be known as the Upload Center.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Timebomb[edit | edit source]

  • Setup will fail unless the date is set back to early 2009.
  • Applications will no longer function once the timebomb goes off. However, there are methods for getting around it.

Color schemes[edit | edit source]

The blue and black color schemes can not be set in this build.

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