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Microsoft WinPad build 3203 is a build of WinPad for Windows 3.1 as a SDK. It was compiled sometime in 1993 till 1994. It was originally leaked by TBG, and later shared by former beta-scene member KenOath.[1] This build can run via running w.bat from MS-DOS or by changing the working directory of the Windows program to the SYSTEM subfolder (of the installation directory). This build introduces a new splash screen and moves the interface to the left.

Installation[edit | edit source]

The installation is straightforward on Windows 3.1. You must insert Disk 1 in the A: drive. Then open up the setup program. Install the selected option (full PDK or WinPad emulator only) then switch disks if prompted. After installation, you need to change the working directory of the WinPad program in the program manager or else it will spew errors. You can run w.bat in on the MS-DOS prompt to run WinPad directly.

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