Mac OS X Server 1.0

Mac OS X Server 1.0
Build of Mac OS X Server 1.x
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Mac OS X Server 1.0 is the official RTM build of Mac OS X Server 1.x, released to consumers on 16 March 1999. Unlike the previous Rhapsody builds, this build is only available in the PPC architecture. It updates the Rhapsody kernel version to 5.3 (skipped over from 5.2, which was used in a cancelled home release of Rhapsody) and includes Mac OS 8.5.1 in the Blue Box emulation environment instead of Mac OS 8.1.

This release is often mislabeled as "Mac OS X Server 1.1" on later printings of this build's installation media, which Apple was made aware and released a knowledge base article rectifying the error.[1]

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