Mac OS X Puma build 5P48

Build of Mac OS X Puma
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Mac OS X Puma build 5P48 is the official RTM build of Mac OS X Puma 10.1.2, which was released on 20 December 2001. This update delivers improvements and new functionality, as well as expanded peripheral support for Mac OS X.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

This update requires the updates 5L14 and 5L21 to be installed. Without these updates, every disk selected for installation will be grayed out.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

This update includes the following enhancements:

  • Updated and new USB and FireWire device support, including FireWire-based digital cameras;
  • PC Card storage devices, including media readers;
  • IrDA modem support for FireWire-based PowerBook models;
  • Audio, Display and Speech improvements;
  • Networking and Printing improvements;
  • AirPort v2.0;
  • Apache web server v1.3.22;
  • AppleScript v1.8.