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MS-DOS 4.01

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Additional features: - Support for graphic video adapters EGA, VGA, - The volume of logical disks - more than 32 MB., - Support for LIM / EMS standard (driver EMM386.sys, access to additional RAM memory on IBM PC AT-386 and higher), which allowed individual parts of MS DOS to load into additional memory - There was a full-fledged support of the Russian language. - Improving the program Select. Now this program greatly simplifies the process of installation and configuration of the system. It automatically creates the appropriate config.sys and autoexec.bat files. - The introduction of a new mem command, which allows you to analyze the current memory card. - Four countries are included in the list of supported countries. - Graphic printing - Various new features in existing commands: tree delete mode append fastopen nlsfunc attrib fdisk replace backup graftabl select country graphics - Improved system drivers, including: ansi.sys driver.sys display.sys printer.sys - MS-DOS shell

For downloading are available self-recording images for floppy disks, as well as images in VDF format.

It was released in November 1988.