MS-DOS 1.23

MS-DOS 1.23
Version of MS-DOS
MS-DOS 1.23 Floppy Label.png
Release date1982-02
MS-DOS 1.22
Replaced by
MS-DOS 1.24

MS-DOS 1.23 was released in 1982, among the first versions of MS-DOS. MS-DOS 1.25 is the first version of MS-DOS released to OEMs but according to a document named CUSTOMIZING MS-DOS version 1.23 and later provided by Seattle Computer Products, MS-DOS 1.23 did exist and was possibly released to a small number of OEMs.[1] There is a known evaluation copy of MS-DOS 1.23 licensed to American Science, Energy and Environment

Change log[edit | edit source]

1.23 02/11/82 Add defaulting to parser; use variable escape character Don't
              zero extent field in IBM version (back to 1.01!)

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