Linux Mint 18

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Linux Mint 18
Version of Linux Mint
Architectureamd64, i386
Kernel version4.4
Latest build
Release date2016-05-30
Support end2021-04
User interfaceKDE, LXDE, MATE, Cinnamon
Package manager
Linux Mint 17.3
Linux Mint 17
Replaced by
Linux Mint 19

Linux Mint 18 is a version of Linux Mint, which was released to the public on 30 May 2016. It is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

This release updates Cinnamon to version 3.0.6. It introduces a brand new theme, Mint-Y, replacing the old Mint-X from Linux Mint 10. This theme includes a dark mode, making Linux Mint 18 the first Linux Mint version to include a dark mode. It also includes X-Apps, which produces generic applications with traditional GTK desktop environments.

As of 2024, this release is the only version of Linux Mint to not have an "a" at the end of the codename.

Point release changelog[edit | edit source]

Linux Mint 18.1[edit | edit source]

  • Updated Cinnamon to version 3.2
  • Rewrote screensaver from scratch in Python
  • Improved hardware support
  • Added support for vertical panels
  • Added support for Qt 5.7+
  • Added brand new search bar to Xed
  • Added full dark mode support to Xed
  • Updated Xplayer to include the ability to blank other monitors
  • Updated Xplayer to include full compatibility with EXIF orientation tags
  • Updated multiple X-Apps applications
  • Updated Update Manager to include a new column
  • Kernel versions in the update manager are now sorted by version
  • Software Sources was given support for anycast IP mirrors
  • Improved MDM
  • Banshee replaced with Rhythmbox
  • Updated kernel to version 4.4.0-53

Linux Mint 18.2[edit | edit source]

  • Updated Cinnamon to version 3.4
  • Added the ability to install themes, applets, desklets and extensions to your Cinnamon desktop, which are known as "spices"
  • Improved Bluetooth support
  • Improved Xed user interface
  • Improved Xplayer user interface
  • Improved shortcuts in Pix
  • Improved Xreader
  • Redesigned Xviewer toolbar
  • Improved Update Manager
  • Added new command-line tool, "mintupdate-tool"
  • Improved Software Sources
  • Redesigned LightDM login screen
  • Updated kernel to version 4.8

Linux Mint 18.3[edit | edit source]

  • Updated Cinnamon to version 3.6
  • Redesigned Software Manager
  • Added Flatpak support to Software Manager
  • Backup Tool almost entirely rewritten
  • Added Timeshift
  • Added System Reports
  • Added support for GNOME Online Accounts
  • Replaced Synaptics driver with libinput driver
  • Revamped Cinnamon spices configuration module
  • Added configure button to Nemo extensions
  • Updated LibXApp to allow applications to communicate their progress to the window manager
  • Added a minimap to Xed
  • Replaced history buttons with navigation buttons in Xviewer
  • PIA Manager now runs in usermode
  • Updated kernel to version 4.10

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