Internet Explorer 4.0 build 1074

Build of Internet Explorer 4
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Internet Explorer 4.0 build 1074 is an incomplete pre-alpha "Nashville Plus Pack" build of Internet Explorer 4, which was shared on BetaArchive on 24 July 2020.[1] The warez group that leaked this build accidentally included files from build 1072 in the first two archive parts, so the installer and first two CABs of this build are missing.

This is the last build of Internet Explorer 4.0 with a SHELL32.DLL that contains the Clouds easter egg, as build 1101 does not contain it (although it has the code to handle the folder names, the Clouds easter egg implementation and text has been removed).

The Clouds easter egg in this build (and previous builds of Internet Explorer 4.0) uses the Windows 95 credits text, even in the SHELL32.DLL build for NT (which uses the NT folder names).

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