IBM OS/2 1.1

IBM OS/2 1.1
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Architecturex86 16-bit
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IBM OS/2 1.1 is a version of OS/2 1.1. The Standard Edition of this version was released to manufacturing on 31 October 1988, while the Extended Edition was compiled and released on 30 November 1988. It was the first version to include the Presentation Manager GUI.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Installing on newer processors[edit | edit source]

This version has a bug in the keyboard driver that causes setup to crash loading with TRAP 0000 due a division by zero when installing on any processor faster than a 486 processor. To install on a faster processor, the KBD01.SYS file must be patched to remove the sequence that causes the division by zero.[1]

Processor Reset[edit | edit source]

The setup in this version also utilizes a processor reset sequence to change from protected mode to real mode. As a result, most hypervisors such as VirtualBox will crash when the processor resets due to a triple fault. It is necessary to enable resetting on triple fault on hypervisors that supports it to allow setup to load.[2]

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