IBM OS/2 1.0 revision 7.68.18

IBM OS/2 1.0 revision 7.68.18
Build of OS/2 1.0
Architecturex86 16-bit
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IBM OS/2 1.0 revision 7.68.18 is a build of OS/2 1.0. This build bears the "SIZZLE" codename on the boot screen, intending to include changes to improve the overall performance of the operating system. Being a recompile of revision 7.68, the ADOS kernel of the build hasn't been updated. However, it automatically starts COMMAND.COM by default, demonstrating the ability to start multiple programs and run them at once. It is available in both non-debug and debug versions, and is the earliest available debug build of OS/2.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Booting the debug version[edit | edit source]

The debug version of this build requires a debugger connected to COM2 in order to boot, as the boot waits for input from the debugger in order to continue booting. Without a debugger, the boot will simply hang. It is unknown if any known hypervisors are known to boot the debug version of the build.

To boot the debug build, enter the "g" command on the debugger, as most copies of this build break into a debugger until this command is entered.

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