86-DOS 1.00

86-DOS 1.00
Version of 86-DOS
86-DOS 1.00 First Boot.png
Release date1981-04-30
86-DOS 0.80
Replaced by
86-DOS 1.01

86-DOS 1.00 is a release of 86-DOS by Seattle Computer Products. Currently, both the Tarbell DD and Cromemco 4FDC editions of 86-DOS 1.00 have surfaced and only the Cromemco 4FDC version can be simulated by the Altair 8800 (Z80) simulator.

This version of 86-DOS was distributed on a single sided 8" floppy disk (250¼ KB). COMMAND.COM in this version of 86-DOS does not ask for date and time when first started. It is the DOS kernel located on the reserved sectors that asks for the date and it cannot be skipped.

Changes[edit | edit source]

The following features were added to 86-DOS:

  • DIR can now display modification date of files.
  • Added batch file support
  • Console, printer and auxiliary I/O devices may now be referenced with filenames.
  • Exact file sizes can now be displayed.
  • Sector sizes other than 128 bytes now supported.
  • Double density disks supported (Tarbell DD).
  • New features added to DEBUG.
  • Files too large to fit into memory can now be edited by EDLIN.
  • EDLIN can now discard unsaved changes.
  • Performance improvements to the assembler, complete handling of ESC code for generating 8087 opcodes added.
  • A load offset can now be specified for HEX2BIN.
  • Wildcard support added to RDCPM.
  • Directory entry size now expanded to 32 bytes.

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