Windows XP build 3790.1184

Build of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.2
Build number3790
Build revision1184
Build labdnsrv
Compiled on2004-04-14

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition build 3790.1184 is a beta build of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, which was released by Microsoft on BetaPlace (Connect). This buildnumber is also referenced in the system requirements for Visual Studio 2005. A Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 build with the same build tag is also mentioned.

Release information[edit | edit source]

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Interim Release build 1184 is now available for download at BetaPlace.

Don't forget to fill out an installation survey after you have downloaded and installed Service Pack 1. This is an important way that we measure the quality of each release. The installation survey is on the WindowsBeta Website.

Some important notes for this release:

· It contains the latest critical fixes up to and including those released on April 15, 2004. 
· Support had been added to the WOW64 (64bit emulation layer) for the x64 platform to allow the installation and use of the 32bit .NET Framework. Install it and report any problems through the normal bug reporting channels. 
· IPv6: Under some circumstances, if IPv6 and the IPv6 firewall are enabled, a blue screen might occur, sometimes even during boot time. Booting to Safe Mode will allow you to uninstall these features. The IPv6 firewall is uninstalled through the Add/Remove Programs control panel, under the Networking Services option in Add/Remove Windows Components. IPv6 is uninstalled from the properties of your network adaptor. Should Add/Remove Windows Components fail to run, you can set the following services to disabled in the services control panel: IPv6 Helper, IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall. 

Introducing Windows support for 64-Bit Extended Systems

With this release, Microsoft is introducing 64-Bit beta operating system support for 64-bit Extended Systems, such as computers built on AMD Opteron or Athlon64 processors.
The Device Driver Kit (DDK), Platform Software Development Kit (PSDK) and Customer Support Diagnostics (symbols) included in this release also include support for 64-Bit extended systems.

Thank you for testing Microsoft Windows ServerT 2003 Service Pack 1. 
Microsoft Windows Product Team