Windows Vista build 5342 (vbl ux partners winapps)

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Windows Vista build 5342 (vbl ux partners winapps) is a build of Windows Vista. It was released to technical beta testers and to certain corporate customers after extensive feedback from the earlier Febuary Community Technology Preview (CTP) release.

This build offered improvements to performance and stability. New features include minor user interface changes, new Windows Aero effects, and new Gadgets for the Windows Sidebar. The Microsoft Paint application was also updated with a cropping tool.

According to Wikipedia, this build did not meet CTP quality standards and was only released in the Ultimate edition.

The screenshot in this article was provided by Stephen Chapman at Microsoft Kitchen.

This build isn't leaked, but there is a better-known compile of it which has the build string 5342.2.winmain_idx04.060321-1730, dated a few days after this one. Build 5342.2 is not overly different from 5308, note, and the screenshot used in the build infobox is of that compile. Note that the sidebar (in particular the clock widget) is slightly different from in the final version.