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Windows Server 2012 build 8319 is an internal build of Windows Server 2012. Its build tag is referenced in the Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 PowerShell script found within the main application directory of Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 build 2353.

This build is specific in that it was compiled as a private build, as the builder user name is present within the build tag. It was compiled by then-current Microsoft employee Mike Kolitz, who was responsible for development of the WIM2VHD script[1] which automatically converted a specific WIM index from an existing ISO into a usable Hyper-V virtual hard disk image.

Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 reference[edit | edit source]

# Version information that can be populated by timebuild.
$ScriptVersion = DATA {
    ConvertFrom-StringData -StringData @"
        Major     = 6
        Minor     = 2
        Build     = 8319
        QFE       = 0
        Branch    = fbl_core1_hyp_dev(mikekol)
        Timestamp = 120312-0902
        Flavor    = amd64fre

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