Windows Server 2003 build 3660

Build of Windows Server 2003
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.2
Build number3660
Build labmain
Compiled on2002-07-03
Expiration date
Timebomb2003-07-04 (+366 days)
Standard Server
Enterprise Server
Web Server
Product key
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Windows Server 2003 build 3660 is a build of Windows Server 2003.

Release information[1][edit | edit source]

Windows .NET Server Build 3660 is now available for download
NOTE: New Product Keys are needed for this build, prior ones will not work.
We are pleased to offer this build for download from  This is an interim build between Beta 3 and RC1 is not considered "Beta quality".  This build is intended as a preview of our progress post Beta 3 and to allow us to verify the build quality as we approach RC1.  We do not require that you install this build.  If you choose to install this build it is recommended that you back up all data and configuration information prior to installation.

Special Instructions for this build:

Build 3660 is NOT RC1.  As we approach RC1 we would like to use this build as a checkpoint to ensure that no new, major issues have been introduced.  This means we are interested solely in the following types of problem reports on build 3660:

- Failure to install or upgrade.
- System failures such as bugchecks, hangs and other crashes.
- Data loss or data corruption.

We ask that you file bugs immediately that meet this criteria on build 3660.  Please refrain from filing other issues at this time.  We will open the window for less serious issues when we release RC1.

Currently the following product images are available:

- Standard Server
- Web Server
- Enterprise Server
- Enterprise Server Checked (debug) version for developers
- Enterprise Server 64 bit Edition
- Enterprise Server 64 bit Edition Checked (debug) version for developers.
- Customer support and diagnostics CD

The Windows Platform SDK and DDK will follow in the next couple days after release.  We will post in the .annoucement newsgroup when they are available.
Please note. Not all images are available to all testers.
Before you begin please note the following:

1. Upgrade installations from any prior Whistler or Windows .Net Server are not supported. If you have a prior version, you should do a clean install or a supported upgrade.
2. If you are running a build after Beta 3 (3604, 3615, etc) you are highly encouraged to install this build. If you are running Beta3 in a non-production environment and can do so we would highly encourage you to install this build. For more information, please see the F.A.Q. section on
3. Windows .NET Beta requires a product key for installation of the product. The product keys are different than prior keys for Windows .NET, you will need to obtain a new one for this build. You can obtain your personal product key from You are allowed to install this beta software on as many machines as permitted by your license agreement.  The default license limit for technical beta testers is 2 machines per server version (detailed on web site). 
4. Windows .NET Server Beta includes product activation.  You will be required to activate the product within 14 days of installation.  If you have a license extension, each key will permit activation on up to 30 machines.
5. Windows .NET Server Beta is a time limited release and will expire 360 days after initial installation is complete. 
6. Windows .NET Server Beta is not recommended for production systems unless you are explicitly working with Microsoft on deployment programs.
7. Due to the nature of pre-release software, some of your applications and hardware may not function correctly. 
Review the pre-release license agreements carefully during the installation of Windows .NET Server Beta.  By installing this release, you agree to the terms and conditions of these license agreements.  As a reminder, all licenses associated with the product will expire when the product becomes commercially available. 
Visit us at

This location is your one-stop information center for program tools and services including documentation, newsgroup forum locations, bug reporting tools and other essential details.  To register, use your unique Beta ID and password to enable your access at the site.  If you experience technical difficulty or have feedback on the site itself, email

How to Obtain Support
Support for this release is provided in the newsgroups beginning with “microsoft.beta.netserver*.”

Answers to common questions may be found in the F.A.Q. section of WindowsBeta. Please search the newsgroups and check before posting a question to the newsgroups. Your question may already be answered and you won't have to wait for the reply. Due to the high volume of problem reports that we receive, the beta team cannot respond to support requests submitted as bugs.

If at any time you experience difficulty accessing the newsgroups, please send email to

Customer Problem Reports
Please file problem reports as soon as you encounter a problem.  We are better able to incorporate product feedback when it is received earlier in the beta cycle.  Please see for more information on how to file problem reports.  Before filing a bug on this build, please see the above section titled "Special instructions for this build".

Testing Focus

Please focus your testing on true “server” scenarios.  The goals of the technical beta group is to test server functionality, reliability, and server application compatibility, and to provide a development environment.  We are not interested in bug reports on client or end-user scenarios running Windows .Net Server as a desktop or client operating system and reserve the right to immediately close any such bug reports. Overall, Microsoft is doing many things to improve the Windows XP code for SP1 – using the automated crash reporting tools, product support data and other methods to capture real customer data.  The server technical beta group is focused on server-specific testing.  For example:

- Graphics Acceleration is disabled by default, which disables DirectX functionality.  This is to enhance server stability and is not needed in standard server scenarios.  Re-enabling such functionality is not a valid server testing scenario.
- Theme service is disabled by default.  Re-enabling theme service is not a standard server configuration.
- USB network drivers and other older network card drivers are not supported in the server product family.  Bug reports should not be submitted on drivers that are no longer supported in-the-build.

How To Download the Build

Please see for full instructions on how to use the File Transfer Manager to download files from WindowsBeta. Builds will not be made available via FTP.  This build will not be shipped on CD, it is offered as a download only.

Thanks for testing Windows .NET Server

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