Windows Server 2003 build 3541 (idx01.010830-1033)

Build of Windows Server 2003
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number3541
Build labidx01
Compiled on2001-08-30
Expiration date
Timebomb+180 days after original install date
Datacenter Server
Enterprise Server
Standard Server
Web Server
Product key
About dialog

Windows Server 2003 build 3541 (idx01.010830-1033) is a recompile of build 3541, which was released to beta testers on 10 September 2001. This build renames the "Server" SKU to "Standard Server". It is also the earliest known Web Server (then known as Blade Server) build, but this version is currently not available to the public, along with the Datacenter Server edition.

Similar to its debug compile, this build was compiled in evaluation mode and as such can be installed on the current date.

Release information[1][edit | edit source]

Sites who, as of 9/10/2001, have successfully downloaded build 3505 of Whistler server have been selected to receive a refresh of that build. This is an interim build of Microsoft Windows .NET, Build 3541.

What this release is:

- It is a new build to allow continued testing for those who have downloaded and installed build 3505.
- An interim build, which is not beta quality, yet should allow limited testing for development purposes.

What this release is not:
- This release is not Beta 3 of .NET Server.
- This release is not the beginning of the .NET Server Beta program.
- This release does not in any way represent who will, or will not be selected to participate in the upcoming .NET Server beta. Information on that will follow in the coming weeks. Please hold your inquiries about that beta program for now, we've not finalized plans for it yet and I can't provide much information at this time.

This build uses the older, beta product keys. Virtually everyone should already have one, it's the same one you used for all Windows XP builds prior to build 2542. See the below link to get one, or to review any already issued to you.

Microsoft has recently announced that the official product name for Whistler Servers will be Windows .NET Server. However the code name “Whistler” will continue to be used in the product code until the release of Beta 3. In addition, Server is now called Standard Server and Advanced Server is now called Enterprise Server.

Microsoft Windows requires a product key to complete installation. Each Technical Beta ID will be issued a unique product key for their use in testing Windows. If you have not yet gotten your assigned product key, log on to

The product key previously issued to you for Server installations should be used to install Windows .NET Build 3541. This product key can be used to install all editions of Windows .NET (e.g. Standard Server, and Enterprise Server).

This product key is assigned to you and should be used by you only (or only your designated representatives if you are a corporate site). Your product key is a representation of your Technical Beta privileges. You may lose your Technical Beta privileges if your product key is published on an Internet site or otherwise becomes publicly available.

Dos and Don’ts about Product Keys:
- Do save your product key in a safe place.
- Do be responsible for the security of your assigned product key.
- Do use the same product key when upgrading to a newer Windows build.
- Don’t share your Product Keys with others (except designated representatives in corporate testing situations).

WINDOWS PRODUCT ACTIVATION (Applies to 32-bit Windows only)
Microsoft requests that you activate your installations of the operating system so that we may obtain adequate testing of the functionality.

Activation can be accomplished via two different connection methods: Internet and telephone. You may install Windows on as many PCs as your End User License Agreement (EULA) allows. Please see your EULA for exact details.

For beta, the grace period by which you must activate is set to 14 days.

Please use the “microsoft.beta.whistler.product-activation” newsgroup to post any problems or technical questions pertaining to product activation.

64-Bit versions of Windows do not require product activation.

For those of you who normally receive a corresponding Platform SDK and Windows Driver Development Kit, you may continue using the Windows XP RTM version for development purposes.

This is an interim build we are releasing for ongoing development efforts. Microsoft does not recommend that you install this build. This is an "external test release interim build" provided primarily for hardware and software developers to use in lab test environments to verify recent code fixes and application and device compatibility with the upcoming Beta 3 release. However, this release is interim developmental code between standard release milestones. As such, much work is in-progress and many features may not be fully functional. In addition, this release has not been fully tested to the same level as a full external beta release.

This build may not be as stable or reliable as a beta milestone release. It may contain fixes and improvements in some areas while it may have new problems in other areas that we will address prior to Beta 3. You are welcome to install and try this build at your own risk, recognizing these limitations. This build may in fact work better in some cases for a limited set of beta users.

If you have dedicated test machines, we encourage you to try this build out. If you do have the opportunity install this build, please use the regular bug reporting and newsgroups to provide us with feedback and issues as soon as possible so that we have the opportunity to address key new issues prior to the broader Beta 2 release. Also, please complete an install survey for this build once you have installed it.

Please note this release is provided in an effort to facilitate your development and test initiatives only. As this is a limited interim release, it is provided as is, and unsupported except via online beta newsgroups. We recommend that you install this build on a test machine at your own risk. This build will expire 180 days after initial installation is complete.

**IMPORTANT: Upgrading Previous Whistler Builds
Do not use this build to upgrade any previous Whistler builds. If you upgrade over a previous Whistler build, a number of features and applications may not work correctly. We recommend you perform a clean installation.

Please take special note of the Release Notes posted in the Microsoft.beta.whistler.announcements newsgroup. They address compatibility and post-installation information needed before installing this release.


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