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Windows Me build 2485 is an unleaked build of Windows Me. It is mentioned in the file notes.txt located at \NT\inetcore\mshtml\iextag\tmpprint.cxx in the leaked Windows XP SP1 source code, along with build 2491.

tmpprint.cxx[edit | edit source]

        // NB (105850) (mikhaill) -- Windows Millennium's routine DocumentPropertiesA()
        // impudently changes processor state. This happens just once after
        // reboot and cause, in particular, unmasking floating point exception flags.
        // At some later moment processor meet any suspicious condition (overflow,
        // underflow, zero-divide, precision loose, etc) in some innocent routine,
        // generates unhandled exception and eventually crashes.
        // The following fsave/frstor pair is an ugly patch that should be removed
        // after millennium bug fix.
        // Windows Millennium build versions tested: 4.90.2485, 4.90.2491.