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Windows Me build 2359 is an unleaked Developer Release build of Windows Me. It is mentioned in the file notes.txt located at net\1394\arp\sys in the leaked Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003 source code. Given the date of 23 August 1999, this would've been compiled between Developer Release 3 (build 2358) and Developer Release 4 (build 2363), so the "4" in the typed build number is most definitely a typo.

08/23/1999  JosephJ Got arp1394.sys to load in Windows Millennium, build 23459...
	This is with modified mstcp.dll and nettrans.inf that recognize the new
	nic upper binding "ndis1394".
	But arp1394.sys is s failing initialization because 
	arpCfgReadAdapterConfiguration is failing, which we would expect to ALWAYS
	fail (even on w2k) because it's looking for subkey ATMARPC, which doesn't exist.
	Perhaps it's because  arpCfgReadAdapterConfiguration calls
	NdisOpenConfigurationKeyByName which on w2k returns success
	 (but sets *pInterfaceConfigHandle to NULL) if the key doesn't exist.
	It so happens that arpGetInterfaceConfiguration, which calls
	arpCfgReadAdapterConfiguration, *can* deal with this somewhat indirect
	failure mechanism without returning failure, but if
	arpCfgReadAdapterConfiguration *were* to return failure, it returns failure.

	I'm going to change arpGetInterfaceConfiguration so that it ignores
	arpCfgReadAdapterConfiguration returning failure.